My fascination with nature developed at an early age. As a young child, most of my weekends were spent climbing trees in the local woodlands and exploring the Kent countryside with my two elder sisters.

At the age of eleven, I left school to be educated at home. This gave me a certain degree of freedom to pursue the subjects that I was interested in. Having an artistic family, (one of my sisters is a musician, the other an artist) it was through painting and drawing that I chose to express myself before receiving my first SLR camera as a Christmas present aged fifteen.

Regular trips out to photograph the local wildlife with my new camera provided me with plenty of inspiration, and only three months later I had my images accepted into the portfolio section of a popular photographic magazine.

Over the intervening years I continued to experiment, utilizing my knowledge of painting to create artistic images of the natural world with a strong emphasis on composition and colour. During this time I carried out work experience with a photographer from the local paper which taught me some valuable lessons that I could then transfer into my own genre of photography.

I am now working hard towards a career in nature photography, constantly aiming to create images in which aesthetics play a primary role as well as capturing the character of my subjects.

To date, my images have been featured in photographic and natural history publications such as Outdoor Photography, Bird Watching and BBC Wildlife Magazine as well as magazines by the wildlife trusts and the RSPB. I was a contributing editor for a special student edition of Nature's Best Photography magazine and member of the advisory board and regular contributor to its sister publication Nature's Best Photography Students. I have gained awards in various photographic competitions, including the British Wildlife Photography awards.

My images are marketed through the RSPB's photo library www.rspb-images.com 

In 2012 Jodie Randall and Radomir Jakubowski founded NEW SHOOTS Young Nature Photographer's Blog: A new initiative involving 18 photographers from Britain, France, Germany, Canada and Poland. www.newshootsblog.com

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